The Mill Island, a river island surrounded by waters of the Brda River occupying a total area of 6.5 ha, due to its situation in the proximity of the Old Market Square, is a very unique site in Europe.


Mill Island | Bydgoszcz | ©Tymon MarkowskiIn the past, this part of the city served as its business zone, featuring first its famous mint and later a milling industry center. Along with gradual diminishing of the industrial character of the Island, it has been transitioned to a venue of cultural events. These days, as a result of revitalization works carried out in the area, the Mill Island fulfills exclusively social, cultural, entertainment and tourist functions.

The purpose of the exhibition is to show the historic outline of the Mill Island, changes taking place in its spatial-urban layout, transitions in the scope of functions fulfilled by it, the revitalization process of the Island, and utilization of historic buildings by the Bydgoszcz Museum.

The exhibition, in addition to archival maps of the Mill Island, shows also old and contemporary photographs depicting the charming parts of this unique area. Collected iconographic documentation allows for more detailed tracing of the revitalization process of the Island and its restoration. Thanks to special arrangement of the exhibition space, various education activities can be organized here.

Author: Anna Nadolska
Location of the exhibition: European Money Centre – 4 Mennica Street on the Mill Island
Permanent exhibition

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