Makieta Bydgoszczy

Here you can find many tourist attractions that, especially, children might enjoy during your stay in our city.

 Museum of Soap and History of Dirt

You will get to know the history of hygiene, dirt and production of soap. You will also be told who Tomasz Łaziebnik was, what made Zabłocki famous, what the hygiene of our grandparents looked like… or where lives the most of bacterias. There will also be opportunity to make a soap yourself, which then stay with you as a souvenir.

Manufacture of sweets Karmelowa Kraina

Also at Długa Street, near the Museum of Soap and History of Dirt, Manufacture of sweets is located. Children can see how all the goodies are made or they can even try to make a lollipop on their own!

Attractions for children in the Myślęcinek park

This enclave of enchanted woodland featuring hills, gorges and creeks is frequently visited not only by the locals, but also by tourists who quickly fall in love with both the beauty of the natural landscapes and the rich cultural and entertainment opportunities offered by the park. Here are a few attractions for all families:

-->> The Zoo - is the only zoological garden in Poland which specializes in the breeding our regional animal species, but also some more exotic ones, such as ring-tailed lemurs, meerkats or Japanese macaques.


-->> The Lost World – where you can find over 40 dinosaurs and other replicas of prehistoric reptiles. As an addition to the Lost World, in the park is located the Museum of Paleontology.
-->> The Entertainment Park is a great fun for all family members. For the youngest await colorful carousels, play castle, ball pool or a hall of mirrors. Lots of fun is guaranteed if you use autodrome or a slide – Giant. Rush of adrenaline can be felt while taking a ride on rollercoaster, which highest point is 15m.
-->> Park Wheeled Vehicle - It is an unusual opportunity to get known Myślęcinek (the biggest municipal park in Poland) in just 35-40 min.  While the ride you’ll be able to see  the most characteristic places in the park, as well as to gain extraordinary experiences thanks to picturesque landscapes and the beauty of nature that balances with various park’s infrastructure.  
-->> Traffic imitation – is located between the Entertainment Park and Różopole glade. It is a good opportunity for children to learn traffic regulations. The place is fully equipped, you can find here traffic lights, roundabout, pedestrians zone and traffic signs.

European Money Centre and Archeological Museum

On the exposition dedicated to Bydgoszcz mint, children will surely find interest in a model of mechanical screw used to make coins. Moreover, children can also learn about how the money used to be produced and see smith’s tools.

We also recommend a visit in so-called White Granary, where is presented archeological collection of District Museum. Thanks to the unique arrangement and plenty of reconstructions, visitors can feel the atmosphere of past times. Also through using modern forms of showing the history, tourists can take active part in the sightseeing and discover history themselves.

MOB mennica

Magical playground

While being on the Mill Island, it is worth to take a break and visit a magical playground located by Młynówka. Not only can you find new and safe equipment there, but also Magic Chair – exhibit from The Magic Tree movie. Nearby stand an interesting installation of Big Chairs by  Wacław Kuczma. Kids enjoy climbing on them and taking photographs there.  

Parrot House

It is the biggest place of this kind in Europe. You can meet here a few species of parrots, canaries and other little birds.


Music playground

Another interesting places to see is music playground located in Jan Kochanowski Park. The facilities is strictly connected with a character of Music District, that is why you can find there, despite typical equipment, music instruments such as drums, tuba or xylophone.

Music fountain

It is worth to stay longer in Music District, especially near the Music fountain. Then you can see interesting show of light, music and, of course, water. (Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays 21:30; during the summer holiday – everyday)


Cruise on the Brda

Next attraction is a taking a water tram. Our city, from the perspective of water, looks completely different and additional attraction might be possibility to see hydrotechnical facilities while going through the lock.
If you prefer being even closer to the water, we recommend to hire a canoe or water bikes.

Master Twardowski

Twice a day, at 13:13 and 21:13, Master Twardowski reminds about his presence in Bydgoszcz. He appears in one of the windows in a tenement house by the Old Market Square.

Mock-up of old Bydgoszcz and mock-up of the castle

In front of main entrance to the granaries (District Museum) is located a mock – up of Bydgoszcz in the past. Looking closely, we can see a few non-existing anymore buildings such as city hall or Jesuit church on the Old Market Square, little roman church of St. Giles, city gates and the castle, that existed in Bydgoszcz in 1346-1656, so until the Swedish Deluge. Near the place, where the castle used to be located, tourists can find a little reconstruction of the building.

rejs po Brdzie

Family Park Play Centre

It includes a playground for the youngest ones, who can discover the world under the watchful eye of our animators, while having a lot of fun at the same time. A climbing wall, battery operated cars and numerous other attractions for children allow them to learn new skills during various physical activities. Family Park has also a bowling centre, which is perfect for family tournaments or a casual game with friends.