The world’s only Museum of Soap and History of Dirt operates in Bydgoszcz. It offers interactive time travel through the history of cleanliness, dirt and soap making, which has deep-rooted ties with Bydgoszcz.


Museum of Soap and History of dirt | Bydgoszcz | Poland

In the city on the River Brda, the first Soap and Candle Production Plant was founded as early as the 18th century in today’s Warmińskiego Street. Production of the famous Persil and Cypisek laundry soap originated in Bydgoszcz. A visit to the Museum starts from washing your hands in a tub. Then visitors move to the workshop, where soap makers teach them step by step how to make fragrant soap. After the workshops, participants visit all parts of this surprising museum. Museum of SoapWhen: The Museum is open all week.  Before your planned visit, we recommend taking a look on the museum website at and check reservation for the selected date. 

Where: 13 Długa Street,

Ticket prices:
- normal/regular ticket - 32 PLN
- reduced ticket - 26 PLN*
- group ticket  - 24 PLN/person**
- guardian ticket - 1 PLN***

*Discount tickets are available for:
1. children, pupils, students up to 26 years of age,
2. people with disabilities with a valid disability certificate,
3. seniors over 65,
4. Persons covered by the Large Family Card.

A group ticket is directed to:
- a group of people (children or adults) from 10 to 35 people!

***A guardian ticket is available for every 10 group tickets!

Included in the price: soap workshops, guided tour of the Museum and great fun!

Prior contact with the museum in this matter is recommended