pole lawendowe, kujawskie lovendowe

Lovenda Kujawska


The Lovenda Kujawska is one of the biggest lavender plantation in Poland. Within almost one hectare you can find different varieties of lavender. Plantation is placed in quiet area, away from traffic, surrounded by meadows, lakes and forest.

The Lovenda Kujawska is open from May to October for organized groups, adults and children. Don’t forget to sign up for a workshops beforehand.

Lovenda Kujawska
Leszcze 32
88-180 Złotniki Kujawskie
tel. 507-097-499
e-mail: lovenda.kujawska@gmail.com

Talerzyk Vineyard


winnica talerzyk, wino, dolina wisły

“Winnica przy Talerzyku” is placed in Topolno in Lower Vistula Valley. From vineyard you can admire picturesque view on the Vistula Landscape Park. It is a family run vineyard, which has been involved in growing juicy grapes and producing fine wine for several years. With wind in your hair and a glass of wine you will listen to tales about winemaking, the stock of the old cellar and fulfilled dreams. Cheese from the nearby farmer will complete the experience. It’s not only wine tasting, but also tasting life!

Winnica przy Talerzyku
Topolno 20
86-120 Pruszcz
telefon: 601 971 031
email: kontakt@winnicaprzytalerzyku.pl

koronowo, okolice bydgoszczy



The biggest and the best known tourist value of Koronowo Commune is Koronowo Reservoir. This water area and its surroundings is a magnet for leisure lovers, who look for active ways of spending their free time, as well as for those who prize peace and tranquility in surrounding nature. Tight woods full of wild animals, mushrooms and wild fruit stretch along the coastline, which is almost 102 kilometers long. As for reservoir itself it is the strongest sailing center in the whole Kujawsko – Pomorskie Province. There are many small marinas and harbors situated around the lake. The summer season is filled with boat races and cultural events. But Koronowo Reservoir is not only a sailing point, it is also a part of Brda River Rout, which is considered one of the most attractive kayaking routs in Poland. Brda rolls its waters through picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, stone bridges and water power plants. Moments spent on paddling a boat along the river will be remembered for many years coming.


ostromecko, pałac, okolice bydgoszczy

About 17 km from the city centre of Bydgoszcz, towards Dąbrowa Chełmińska, is the Ostromecko Palace and Park (9 Bydgoska Street).

The New Palace was erected in the classicist style in 1832-1849 (to the design of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s studio), commissioned by the then owner of Ostromecko, Jakub Martin Schoenborn. The main building is joined from the south by a neo-baroque annex, featuring the Hunting Palace (1891-1892), and from the north – by the Ballroom added in 1905. These days, the building houses a restaurant with a hotel. In the west, the Palace is adjoined by vast terraces (ca. 1912), heading straight to a 19th-century garden, designed in the English style by garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné. Now we head towards the Old Palace, which is located far in the garden. The present structure dates from the mid-18th century, when the previous nobleman’s manor house was expanded by the Mostowski family. The palace, built in the Warsaw rococo style, features a collection of 18th- and 19th-century pianos collected by a distinguished citizen of Bydgoszcz, Andrzej Szwalbe, whose memorial chamber is in the building. The windows of the palace and the terrace outside the building offer a picturesque view of the Italian garden stretching below, as well as the Vistula and its old riverbed.


Jurapark Solec Kujawski


Jurapark Solec Kujawski is concept of amusement park which take visitors to quaint dinosaurs world. This place is accurate for both children and adults. A full-sized models of dinosaurs and other Mesozoic creatures, 5D cinema, insects garden, theme park and many more attractions are waiting for you in The Jurapark Solec Kujawski.  


JuraPark Solec
ul. Sportowa 1
86-050 Solec Kujawski
tel.: 52 387 32 35
e-mail: rezerwacja.solec@jurapark.pl