When you want to do a big shopping, take your kids to school or go to a family picnic with a dog, you can pack a car and wonder…how long will it take until we find a parking spot or simply rent a cargo bike and provide yourself with some exercise and fun. The cargo bikes are stable and have electric assistance, thanks to which the transport of even large goods (or small people) does not burden the cyclist. It is an ecological method of moving around the city in order to fulfill daily duties. 

cargo rower bci

We have two types of cargo bikes in stock:

The Babboe Curve-E is a cargo tricycle. It has benches with safety belts intended for the transport of children (4 seats). The maximum load capacity of the box is 100 kg, and the maximum load capacity of the rear rack is 25 kg. When making a turning maneuver, take into account the wide turning radius of the bicycle. Bicycles equipped with an electric assist system may be used with the assist system turned off. The bike is intended to be ridden by a person weighing up to 100 kg.

The Babboe City-E is a two-wheeled electric bike with a highly secure cargo box with rounded corners. The perfect geometry of the structure allows for comfortable movement in city traffic and is suitable for both shorter and taller people, but the weight of the cyclist should not exceed 100 kg. The bike is very stable while riding thanks to it’s good balance and low center of gravity. Do not exceed the maximum load capacity of a bike, which is 80 kg for a load box and 25 kg for a luggage rack. The transport of children is possible in a load box on a dedicated bench (2 seats).

The bikes were purchased as part of the Bydgoszcz Citizens' Budget program and their rental is free of charge.

At the time of renting a bike, a deposit of PLN 100 (in cash) is collected to cover any minor damages.

To rent a bike, please read the Regulations and fill out the form below.

Sending the form is not tantamount to making a reservation. Confirmation of the reservation will be the receipt of a message to the indicated e-mail address and the administrator's entry of the name in the calendar at the bottom of the page.

Below is the declaration form in Polish (- intent of cargo bicycle renting)


Download this file (BB0024-A5-GWA-handleiding-NL-EN-DE-FR-binnenwerkmetomslag-LR-2.pdf)1. User Manual - cargo bike[ ]3429 kB